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Mario Feninger in Concert


BORN IN CAIRO, EGYPT, Mario received  his early music training from his mother,  Teresa de Rogatis, a noted pianist, guitarist,  composer and teacher.


Mario plays a beautiful selection of works by his mother, Teresa de Rogatis.

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MARIO MADE HIS PARIS DEBUT at the Salle  Gaveau, whereupon the Figaro declared him  "a remarkable artist... an important musical  personality (with) a very beautiful, powerful  tone."

From Paris, Mario proceeded to London's  Wigmore Hall, where the Daily Telegraph  proclaimed him to have "found the essential  poetry in Chopin."

Mario made his GRAND NAPLES DEBUT at the  Sala del Conservotorio San Pietro a Majella,  performing the Busoni Konzertstruck, Op. 31a  with the A. Scarlatti Orchestra.

The Italian press lauded Mario's "brilliant  virtuosity," celebrating him as "a complex artist  searching for his soul and animated by a great  ideal."

PERFORMING his extensive  repertoire in the great halls of  Europe, North Africa, North  and Central America and the  Middle East, Mario  established a distinguished  international reputation as a  soloist and recitalist.

"A powerhouse virtuoso in the grand manner."
  - New York Times

"Urgent style, comprehensive technique and command of tone and color, won repeated cheers and standing ovations."
  - Los Angeles Times

"Feninger belongs to a distinctive part of European pianistic literature."
  - Il Giornale De Bergamo - Oggi, Italy

Performs as guest artist with:

Some Career Highlights:
  • Centre Culturel de Valprivas
  • The Castle in Baja (Naples)
  • Summer Musical Festival at Sorrento, Italy
  • International Festival at Echternach, Luxembourg
  • Liszt Festival at Angers, France
  • American Liszt Society in San Francisco
  • Mozart & Company in Beverly Hills
  • The first American performance of Busoni's Concerto, Op. 17 for piano and strings
  • Performed an entire program of Busoni in Empoli, Italy (Busoni's native city)
  • Busoni program performed at Schoenberg Institute
  • Performed at Busoni Festival
    in New York

MARIO FENINGER passed away in August of 2016, in Los Angeles, at the age of 94.

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